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Anthroposophical Research WIKI

Welcome to the Anthroposophical Research Wiki, an online, user-built resource for the indications of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science. As an endeavor of the Initiative for Anthroposophy, the Wiki is intended to become an extensive collection of topical summaries containing all known references of Rudolf Steiner to a given topic. In addition to these indications each Wiki will consist of an encyclopedic entry, the dates of writings/lectures, references to source material, and a categorization of quotations according to their source – published, archival, anecdotal, etc. In creating each Wiki the effort is always to provide enough contextual material that the meaning of an indication speaks for itself as it was originally intended. In this way, both the unique insights and descriptions as well as the various points of view with which Rudolf Steiner approached a given topic can be clearly surveyed and further research of the surrounding material can be easily pursued. The hope is that the Anthroposophical Research Wiki can further a high standard of spiritual-scientific research amongst anthroposophical peers and in such a way that is both rigorous and transparently accessible – a step, if you will, to […]

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