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Cosmic New Year and the Burning of the Goetheanum, 1922/23 – A Picture – by R. Jacob Harlow

“Let me say in the first place that already for a long time now the Anthroposophical Movement has not coincided with the Anthroposophical Society, but that the Anthroposophical Society, if it would fulfill its task, must really carry the whole impulse of the Anthroposophical Movement.” Rudolf Steiner, GA 219, 30.12.1922


I behold the Building – The World Builds – and the Building becomes Man

On the eve of the year 1923, the Goetheanum, a modern temple of the Mysteries, was set ablaze by an act of arson. Less than an hour before the fire was discovered, the anthroposophists had sat within its living, sculpted forms, its colored windows and painted double-cupolas which embodied the mysteries of the cosmos and man – macrocosm and microcosm. Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture where the entire path of anthroposophical cognition – from its epistemological roots to the fruits of supersensible Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition – was summed up as the genuine spiritual communion of the modern human being, having significance not only for the human ‘I’ itself, but for humanity, the earth and the cosmos as a whole: […]

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About the Initiative

– Its Foundation and Purpose

The Initiative for Anthroposophy is a global association of individuals who have as their common purpose the cultivation of a truly esoteric Anthroposophy – a spiritual science and methodology capable of transcending the limits of knowledge imposed by the sense-bound intellect and attaining to genuine spiritual reality. The cognitive faculty of intuitive, ‘beholding’ thinking, with its inherent sevenfold methodology at the core of Rudolf Steiner’s epistemological works, as well as its extension via the anthroposophical methods of esoteric development, are the means by which this work is attained.

The Initiative for Anthroposophy seeks to cultivate this esotericism on a completely free and individual basis and is fundamentally independent of all affiliations, groups, societies, etc. As such, the Initiative is not a part or function of the Anthroposophical Society and furthermore, while it openly strives for collaboration with all serious anthroposophists, it does not recognize the Society’s leadership or the High School of Spiritual Science as having any formal esoteric authority in relation to the Spiritual Movement of Anthroposophy. This in no way precludes the associates of the Initiative from working within […]

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