Rhythmical Thinking: “Think of the What – Think Still More of the How” Consciousness and Civilization - Macrocosm and Microcosm Vol.1 by G.A. Bondarev The Events in Ukraine and Possible Future Scenarios G. A. Bondarev – Organon of the New Cultural Epoch Vol. 1 & 2 About the Initiative for Anthroposophy The Anthroposophical Research WIKI G. A. Bondarev – Macrocosm and Microcosm Vol. 1 (selections) A Short Introduction to the Topic of Anthroposophical Methodology




Many friends of the Initiative already exchange emails and messages linking to various news stories, articles and videos that they find to be noteworthy signs of the times. Therefore, the Initiative is excited to introduce a new central feature: the Symptomatology section. This will be a space for sharing news, links to articles, videos, summaries and thoughts on the topics of current events, politics and history. While it wont necessarily be a comprehensive anthroposophical commentary on world events, it will perhaps be a step in such a direction. Radical topics, contradictions and dissonant viewpoints will be inevitable. Above all, a free space for information and ideas will be fostered. Contributions can be sent in via the contact page. The thread will also be put on the Initiative for Anthroposophy’s Facebook Page to see how best to share the information.

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