Rhythmical Thinking: “Think of the What – Think Still More of the How” Consciousness and Civilization - Macrocosm and Microcosm Vol.1 by G.A. Bondarev The Events in Ukraine and Possible Future Scenarios G. A. Bondarev – Organon of the New Cultural Epoch Vol. 1 & 2 About the Initiative for Anthroposophy The Anthroposophical Research WIKI G. A. Bondarev – Macrocosm and Microcosm Vol. 1 (selections) A Short Introduction to the Topic of Anthroposophical Methodology

Translation Efforts

One of the Intiative for Anthroposophy’s central activities is bringing works of essential importance to Anthroposophy into the English language and thereby making them accessible to most of the world. Among existing works not currently available in English, books and essays of Gennady Bondarev stand out both in their quality and their chosen topics. These alone are thousands of pages rich with content both textual and visual. Given the immensity of this task and the current absence of any funding, a great deal of labor in the translation, editing and publishing of these works has been invested by those whose only return is a spiritual one.

We seek those who are able and willing to contribute to this cause in some way, either by participating in the translation and preparation of texts, or in supporting those so dedicated financially. The work will continue regardless, the only question is how much time and effort can be freed up from other paying work. Below find a list of active translation projects and links to various ways to donate (if you have a preference of which active project you wish to support, please specify). Please contact us with any questions or suggestions, and thank you for your consideration!

Currents works by Gennady Bondarev in the process of being translated:

The Events in Ukraine and Possible Future Scenarios
A Brief, Non-technical Introduction to the Methodology of Anthroposophy

Macrocosm and Microcosm (Vol. III)
Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Philosophie der Freiheit’… Organon of the New Cultural Epoch. (Vol. III)

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