Rhythmical Thinking: “Think of the What – Think Still More of the How” Consciousness and Civilization - Macrocosm and Microcosm Vol.1 by G.A. Bondarev The Events in Ukraine and Possible Future Scenarios G. A. Bondarev – Organon of the New Cultural Epoch Vol. 1 & 2 About the Initiative for Anthroposophy The Anthroposophical Research WIKI G. A. Bondarev – Macrocosm and Microcosm Vol. 1 (selections) A Short Introduction to the Topic of Anthroposophical Methodology

VOLUME III PUBLISHED! – Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario – Volume III – by G. A. Bondarev


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Important: This book covers very recent events and developments, including the ‘Migration Tsunami’ in Europe. Essential insights for unraveling the current world situation are discussed herein.

In these essays the reader will find a description of contemporary political events, finely intertwined with an exposition of a series of principles of the methodology of Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science. Historical symptomatology is one of the most significant divisions of general anthroposophical methodology. In accordance with it any fact or event of world history is considered merely a symptom of that which takes place on the plane of supersensible reality where real purely spiritual subjects lead their existence, where the spiritual impulses of the outer phenomenology of history, their primary—archetypal—phenomena, arise, metamorphose and pass away.

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