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Twelve Virtues (Months of the Year)

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The Twelve Virtues (Months of the Year)

GA 267(245) – Guidance in Esoteric Training

The Twelve Virtues, Monthly virtues to be meditated upon and observed in one’s life. These exercises should always be begun on the 21st of the preceding month, e.g., April from 21.3-21.4

April Devotion becomes the power of sacrifice
May Equilibrium becomes progress
June Perseverance becomes faithfulness
July Unselfishness becomes catharsis
August Compassion becomes freedom
September Courtesy becomes steadiness in feeling
October Contentment becomes self-composure
November Patience becomes understanding
December Control of speech and thinking (minding one’s tongue) becomes a feeling for the truth
January Courage becomes the power of redemption
February Discretion becomes the power of meditation
March Magnanimity becomes love

In the German edition there appear the following notes:

The assignment of the virtues to the zodiac comes from H.P. Blavatsky. The translation of the English expressions – with the variants which have been handed down in parentheses – and the addition of “becomes …” are from Rudolf Steiner. See: “Notes” page 528 Notes: There is no original document available for this. A precise dating is also not possible. Ilona Schubert concerning this exercise reported in Personal Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner and Marie Steiner-von Sievers London Temple Lodge Press, 1991, the following:

A list of the Virtues and their corresponding months follows. Then:

Rudolf Steiner said in a private conversation about the twelve virtues in connection with the zodiac and the corresponding months, that H.P. Blavatsky was the person that had attributed of the virtues to the months and namely in the following order and with the designations […] Dr. Steiner confirmed these correspondences but now made additions. He said: If you diligently practice these virtues, new powers and abilities will result. And then he wrote them together in this way: [see above].

GA 267 (old edition 245) English edition: Guidance in Esoteric Training, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1999. German: Seelenübungen I

see also on the Rudolf Steiner Archive: http://www.rsarchive.org/MoY/

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